Breast Procedures Frequently Asked Questions

Your appointments with us

How do I make an appointment?
When you’re ready to come in and talk with the doctors, you can contact us through this website, through email, by phone, or by texting us from our mobile website. Any of our helpful staff can make an appointment for you. Ask for Darla or Patty our Patient Care Coordinators, and they can give you more information about your procedures and help you make a consultation with the surgeon.

Can I choose which office I would like for the consultation?
Criswell & Criswell Plastic Surgery in Charlotte, has two offices and medical spas for your convenience. You are welcome to choose the one that is most convenient for you.

I don't live in Charlotte. Do you have a program for out of town patients?
Our Criswell & Criswell Plastic Surgery Out of Town Program is designed for our patients who live outside Charlotte, North Carolina. Our patients come from all over the country to see Dr. Bryan Criswell and Dr. Kara Criswell, and we make it as easy as possible for them. Whether you are driving in or flying, our Out of Town Program will help you make all the necessary arrangements and make the most out of your visits with us.

Is there anything I need to do before my consultation?
Once you have scheduled an appointment with us, we will send you a welcome packet with more information. We will direct you to our secure Patient Web Portal to fill out your demographic and healthcare information. Reading the paperwork and completing the Web Portal before your visit will substantially decrease the amount of time you will need to spend in our reception area and exam room prior to your consultation with the doctor.

How long will by consultation last?
Your entire visit with us will take about one hour. You should plan on arriving about fifteen minutes before you consultation to verify your information and complete any unfinished paperwork. You will spend about five to ten minutes with the nurse prior to meeting with Dr. Criswell. Dr. Criswell will then spend time talking with you about your past medical history and your current plastic surgery goals. After your exam, your nurse will take photographs, and if you are with us for breast augmentation surgery, help you try on implants to see what size is best for you and your goals. After you have completed your consultation, one of our Patient Care Coordinators will meet with you, answer any further questions you might have, go over pre- and post-op photographs, and give you a financial quote for the procedure or procedures that Dr. Criswell recommends.

Should I choose silicone or saline implants?
Choosing the right implant for you is personal choice, and there are more choices than ever available. The FDA has approved three major types of implants to use for breast augmentation: saline implants, cohesive gel implants, and highly cohesive gel implants. Many of our Charlotte, breast augmentation patients tell us that they think their silicone gel implants feel more like natural breasts than with saline implants. Saline implants can also give a great result and have their advantages as well. In addition to reading more in our website, during your consultation Dr. Criswell will help you make the best choice for your body and individual situation.

Can I choose to have a more natural look?
Dr. Bryan Criswell and Dr. Kara Criswell are known for their natural breast augmentation results. They can design your surgical plan and implant choice to give you an individualized, beautiful, natural look.

Your Surgery

Where will my surgery take place?
Dr. Bryan Criswell and Dr. Kara Criswell perform their breast augmentation procedures in Charlotte, North Carolina in our state of the art Criswell & Criswell Plastic Surgery Center in Charlotte, North Carolina. Our fully accredited AAAASF facility provides cutting edge technology in a safe, warm, and private setting. Most patients and their significant others find the overall surgical experience to be a pleasant, relaxed, and surprisingly easy experience.

When do I need to arrive for Surgery?
Plan to arrive at our Criswell & Criswell Plastic Surgery Center in Charlotte, North Carolina approximately one hour before your surgery. We will call you the day before surgery to give you an exact time of arrival.

How soon will I be able to go home after my surgery?
After surgery, you will recover in our CCPS PACU is. Most of our breast augmentation surgery patients are awake, comfortable and warm minutes after the surgery is over. Plan on being able to leave our facility about one hour after your surgery is complete.

What can I expect after surgery?

What will the recovery be like?
You’ll be alert and walking around the day of your surgery, but you’ll want to spend most of your time resting quietly at home for about a week. Your doctor may advise you to nap as much as you can. You’ll want to rest on your back, and you may want to use ice packs to ensure swelling is minimal.

How much pain can I expect after surgery?
Our patients are usually surprised by how little discomfort they have after surgery. Many of our patients only need over-the-counter pain relief from the first day after surgery, and others only use something stronger for a few days. Our doctors evaluate your surgery plan and needs and will routinely prescribe stronger medication in case you do need it.

How long will I need to stay home from work?
Most of our breast augmentation patients are able to resume light work within a few days. If you have a more physically demanding job, you may need a full week off or more.*

How extensive will my scars be?
Your scars will depend on the particular procedure you need and how your body heals scars. Unfortunately, all surgical procedures leave scars. Most of our patients find that their scars fade to a point where they’re very acceptable. Some patients may experience more scarring than normal, especially patients with darker skin or a history of keloid or hypertrophic scars. If you find your scars are too noticeable after a few months, your surgeon may be able to improve them a short scar revision procedure in the office.

Can I breastfeed after breast augmentation?
This depends on your particular breast surgery. As a general rule, breast augmentation surgery does not interfere with breast feeding, and the majority of women are able to breastfeed after their breast lift and breast reduction procedure.

What about mammograms?
You will still be able to get normal mammograms. Just be sure to tell your mammography technician that you have breast implants.