Choosing Your Size

So now you know you’re interested in breast augmentation. One of your next steps is choosing the right implant size. While some of our Charlotte breast augmentation patients have told us that this is the easy part, most of our patients tell us that for them, choosing their implants took some thought. Many women are concerned they’ll look too big, and others that they’ll regret that they didn’t choose a large enough breast implant.

At Criswell & Criswell, our experienced staff are great at helping you choose the right breast implant size for your body and your goals. Both Dr. Bryan Criswell and Dr. Kara Criswell have years of experience in helping patients like you make the best decision and they both will take the time with you to ensure you are comfortable with your decision and your new look.


We hear time and time again from our breast augmentation patients that they want to look natural, but of course they want to be able to see a difference. No worries! Both of our surgeons are experts in giving you a fuller bust with a little cleavage, or even voluptuous look with a lot of cleavage that still looks natural. On occasion, we have patients that not only want larger breasts, but they do not want to look natural. They want that “breast implant look.” Our surgeons can do that as well, but only if you specifically ask.

Steps to choosing your implant size

  1. Envisioning: The first step in choosing your implant size is one you have probably already been doing on your own: envisioning how you would like to look, in clothes, in the mirror, in a bathing suit….This is an important step. If your goal is to be able to fill out your current bra cup better, then that’s one thing. If you know that you want to be a full cup or two (or three) sizes larger, then that’s another. This is a great way to start the conversation with Dr. Criswell when you start discussing implant sizes.
  2. Photos: Some of our patients will bring photos with them to show an idea of what size and overall proportion they like. You can find photos in women’s magazines, on the internet, and on breast implant websites like Allergan, Mentor, and Sientra. If you are going to bring photos with you, be sure to try to find ones that are somewhat similar to your overall body shape and size, and if possible, breast shape and size.
  3. Talking with your surgeon: When you come for your consultation, you’ll have time to talk with your surgeon about your goals and desired outcome. This is a great time to share with either Dr. Kara Criswell or Dr. Bryan Criswell your thoughts regarding the amount of size increase you envision. If you’ve brought photos, Dr. Criswell will go over them with you. Talking with Dr. Criswell will narrow down the size range appropriate for you and prepare you for the next step.
  4. Trying on implant sizers: Toward the end of your consultation, you will then have time to try on implant sizers with one of our trained clinical sizing experts. She will take you through the range of implant sizes appropriate for your goals. These implant sizers fit into our sizing bras that you wear while looking in the mirror. Our patients tell us that this method is great for finalizing their implant choice. We have found that this actual trying on process is much more accurate, and gives our patients a much more realistic idea than any artificial breast imaging software. We do recommend that you bring a tight fitting, dark, t-shirt to wear during your sizing to give you the best, realistic look at the ‘new’ you. If you happen to forget to bring one, we have sizing shirts for you to use as well.


What cup size do you want to be?

While we often discuss before and after breast size using the ‘cup’ term, relating the size of an implant to a specific cup size for you is not very accurate. The reason is that while implant sizes come in ‘cc’s’ or ‘ml’s’, these measurements do not relate to bra cup size. And we all know that while one store may claim that you’re a 36 DD, another on the same day may say that you’re really a 38C. And while discussing whether you want to be a “C” cup or a “D” cup is helpful, it’s really just a starting point for the whole process.

Your Choice

We want this process to be all about you. This will be your surgery to attain your goals. And your consultation with us will be a great chance to talk with us and explore your options. We want you to be comfortable with your implant size selection. What if your true desire is to “go big?” If this is the case, don’t hesitate for a moment to bring it up with your surgeon. After all, you’ve made the decision to have augmentation. You should have the breasts you want to have. Just keep in mind that your overall body shape, size and anatomy will greatly influence what size breasts you choose. Many small framed women decide to go no bigger than a C cup size so that they look like they actually are natural breasts. Your skin tone is also a factor. If you have very tight skin may not find large implants fit very well. The doctors are experienced in evaluating body and skin types and will help you understand how these factors may come into play for you.

So call us today and ask to speak with Darla or Patty, our Patient Care Coordinators. They will help you make a complimentary consultation with one of our surgeons and answer any questions you might have.