Breast Augmentation Revision Charlotte

There are lots of ways to describe what you are looking for…redo breast augmentation, revision breast surgery, redo mastopexy, corrective breast surgery…and on and on. If you find yourself in need of secondary breast surgery, Criswell & Criswell Plastic Surgery specializes in taking care of these problems.

If you’re considering breast augmentation revision in Charlotte, North Carolina, you will find that our surgeons are well known for their expertise in breast enhancement and revision surgery. While many other surgeons may be fine at performing primary surgery (the first time around), if you are in need of a secondary corrective procedure, you need a specialist for your breast revision surgery.

Common reasons for revision breast surgery:

  • Capsular Contracture after breast implants
  • Malpositioned breast implants
  • Leak or rupture of breast implant
  • Unsatisfying outcome after breast surgery
  • Need for a breast lift after implants or after a previous lift


Dr. Kara Criswell and Dr. Bryan Criswell are experts in revision breast surgery. They regularly perform redo breast augmentation, revision procedures, and reconstruction for all situations. We hear from our Charlotte redo breast augmentation patients that they would never go anywhere else for their care. Both of our surgeons use specific techniques in their primary surgeries that minimize the need for revisions, and they believe the main focus should be on preventing complications to begin with.

While most complications can be prevented with meticulous surgical technique, there are occasions when patients will need revision surgery. Common reasons for additional surgery are the patient’s desire to change the size of their implants, wanting to improve the natural feel and appearance of the breasts, and needing to correct capsular contracture. In addition, breast implants are like any other implantable medical device (such as heart valves and artificial joints), and unfortunately, some patients will require revisionary procedures.

If you find yourself in need of revision breast surgery, please do not hesitate to contact one of our patient coordinators, Darla and Patty. They will talk to you about your needs and arrange for you to come in for a complimentary consultation.